Brooklyn Launches Sugar Watchers Course

Launch of Sugar Watchers Weight Loss Course. How to control the fat-storing hormones with food and supplements.

Today is the day I’ve been planning and prepping for: the launch of my Sugar Watchers Weight Loss Course. After months of writing, organizing and researching, I’m very happy to make this announcement.

You can read more about Sugar Watchers HERE or see video to the right, but briefly here’s some highlights of the course:

  • Detailed description of nutrients – as people learn about blood sugar levels, weight loss and how to control the fat-storing hormones with food alone, supplements are suggested with thorough instructions on their use.
  • Charts, graphs, and extensive instructions and food lists – I’ve collected so many useful documents and illustrations over 15 years that I provide here, to give my students a clear picture of the process.
  • Online support – This is the one I’m most excited about! The Sugar Watchers Secret Facebook Group, an environment of sharing and getting healthy with others. I think this is the most powerful tool.

I’m aware that this may look like just another weight loss program but it’s not – it’s MY weight loss program and I’m doing it with my students! That’s why the secret Facebook group is so exciting – I get to participate fully and set the tone for sharing success. This is definitely NOT just another diet – I’m fully persuaded that blood sugar control through food and supplements is the best way to lose weight.

So today’s the day! I’ve posted my before picture taken 5 months ago (I’m about the same weight now just no tan). I’ll be making videos too so you’ll see me soon enough – watch me shrink, tan or no tan!

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Brooklyn Meets 3 Weight Loss Goals

Hi – I’m Val Robitai. I’m from Brooklyn and that’s what they call me!

I have been on an incredible health journey that I share here, for people who want to lose weight, and feel better, more youthful. I mean it, this is no scam weight-loss program that leaves you feeling alone or frustrated due to lack of information or support. This is for people who need guidance to make a big change. If that’s you, if all you need is some daily support then I created this blog “fa yu” (when I say something like “fa yu,” sound it out and you can be from Brooklyn too!) I have so much to tell you about weight loss that you need to know if you’re going to be successful at it.

My weight loss journey began way back. My mother and all my friends’ mothers were always on a diet. They were probably all on the same diet since I can remember seeing the same Pepperidge Farm puny white diet bread at everyone’s house. The programs and diets of the day in Brooklyn included Richard Simmons’ Deal-A-Meal, Mike Hebranko’s OPIN (Overweight People in Need), OA (Overeaters Anonymous), and of course Weight Watchers. Gosh, I go as far back as doing jumping jacks with Jack LaLanne on TV in the 1960s (of course I was a very, very, very young girl 🙂  I joined gyms like Lucille Roberts, and another one on Avenue U that I can’t remember the name of. There were a few.

Being Italian and growing up in Brooklyn, I ate like Italian Brooklynites eat…ALOT. Food was love, food was beautiful, food and family gatherings were the mainstays of my childhood. I have many fond memories of events where the emphasis was on food, but food can also be painful.

Probably like many people reading this, food, eating, feeling unpopular because of weight, clothes not fitting, yadayadaya….can be very devastating to the soul. You may have your own pain around weight so I won’t go into detail with my story. No, I will only share with you my solutions.

So let’s “ttawk,” I’ll go make “cawfee.”

I got rid of my food cravings (I know, amazing)…once, I lost 35 lbs (changed my lifestyle) and kept the weight off effortlessly for a few years. But I haven’t been paying attention and the weight is back! It’s been creeping back  for awhile now and I just didn’t catch on, or I was in denial, until I finally got on a scale.

I’m no spring chicken and I don’t feel like I have to look gorgeous and perfect anymore, but I do care about my health. Being close to 60 requires some definite action on my part to feel well, think clearly and look my best.

So a few weeks back I started digging for ways to get myself back on track. I started writing right after I weighed myself for the first time in years. My initial goal was to write a 100+ page comprehensive weight loss course, which I did, but I have to admit I did it for myself. I knew I needed to get organized. I needed to pay attention again to the lifestyle principles of weight loss that work and aren’t so hard. I motivated myself to write the course. It was very important to me to undertake and complete this.

My next goal was to have a support group for people who want to lose weight. When I look back at the successes in anything in my life, but especially in losing weight, I can say with certainty that group support is a powerful tool. So I created a secret Facebook page where people can share their weight loss experiences with each other, their food plans, have ongoing interaction and daily inspiration. It’s not a therapy group, it’s a place for people to post their meal plans and photos, snatch recipes, and hear each other’s victories. Sharing and identifying with others makes us strong and capable, and makes our weight loss journey easier.

Finally, I created this blog because remember, I’m from Brooklyn, I love to “ttawk” and I love food! Recipes that don’t send my blood sugar through the roof is my calling! How to control insulin and cortisol, the two sugar hungry hormones, is my forte! I’m a sugar watcher, that’s what I do. From now on when people ask me how I lose weight, just to keep it simple I’ll say: I watch sugar.

Here’s what “a day in the life of a sugar watcher” looks like, and below is a lovely recipe I made for breakfast that you can save: